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What are these file types and can I delete them?

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#1 Pawzsim

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Posted 17 January 2012 - 04:03 AM

I recently had to remove all my Sims 3 game and the EPs and SPs and do a complete reinstall. I stated to add my CC back in slowly and everything was fine. Then I added some more back in. Of course, my game started running slow after I installed some CC that I was testing. I noticed some odd files in my Sims 3 folder along with the normal "Sims3Pack" files. Unfortunately I didn't label the newly installed testing CC so I tried to remove all the package files. The odd files I found in the Sims 3 folder

coll_0x62d20043be50d290package.sig (and about 12 similar to that)
meta.data (4 of them)
dcdb0.ebc (2 of those)

I also found a whole bunch of package files in there, that I knew were CC, and moved them to a file outside the game on my desktop. Those other files listed above I know are not custom content but I'm not sure what to do with them. I am wondering if those "coll_0x62...." files are the EA collection files. I had those for a while and then some of my clean-up removed them.

Any ideas?



I have screen shots of the other files but didn't want to take up so much space.

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#2 Majuchan

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Posted 17 January 2012 - 06:42 AM

you can delete files that are in DCbackup... and never ever delete files in DCcache as they are the installed CC's except you really want them all removed. Not sure with collection folder if files can be deleted. have not tried deleting them.

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#3 frisbud

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Posted 17 January 2012 - 03:58 PM

Here is a bit of information on the files you listed above and what they do...

coll_0x62d20043be50d290package.sig (and about 12 similar to that) -- information concerning collection files

ccmerged.package -- back-up information concerning installed custom content. You can delete this but it will just be regenerated the next time you play.

collectionOrder.package -- information concerning collection files

TravelDB.package -- contains information for traveling to the WA destinations

userPresets.package -- This contains the information for any recolors or styling of objects, clothing, patterns, walls, floors, etc that you have saved.

*.nhd -- These store the information for your neighborhoods and the WA travel destinations.

meta.data (4 of them) -- information concerning your neighborhoods and travel destinations

dcdb0.dbc -- custom content that you have installed

dcdb0.ebc (2 of those) -- custom content that you have installed

dcc.ent -- information for custom content you have installed

And about the DCBackup folder...While it is perfectly safe to delete the files in there, if you plan on exporting any Sims or lots from your game to upload to a site or share with others then do not delete the files in there. When exporting lots or Sims, the game takes the information for the custom content used in those lots or Sims from the DCBackup folder. So if those files are not there, the CC used may not package with the exported file correctly.
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