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Lost Sim

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#1 Marauder281

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Posted 06 March 2012 - 05:54 AM

I just got BV a few days ago and have run into a pretty serious problem.

My Sim had just graduated college and on vacation to Three Lakes. When she got back, I had her buy a vacation home there. She went back again and spent a whole week in her new vacation home.

After returning, she went to Takemizu for yet another vacation. She checked into a hotel and called a taxi to go see everything. Here's where the problem starts...

In order to leave the lot, I got a pop-up stateing that I had to check out of the hotel first (and be billed for it). I'd never seen that before. Like a bone-head, I went ahead and checked out and left to go see the hidden lot.

The hidden lot was cool but when the taxi came, I selected "Home" thinking it would take me back to the hotel. Nope, the taxi took off for my vacation home in Three Lakes!

My Sim never did arrive there. The house is there but only build mode is available. It's still listed as her home.

Next I went back to college. I can't select her houshold because she is in Three Lakes...where I cannot select her.

Other Sims can call her and she will stop by, but I can't ask her to move in, and I can't join her household either (Greek House). How can I retrieve this Sim?
If an unreliable, difficult to maintain car, with 250,000 different seat covers was a video game, it would look like TS3.

#2 starknight75

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Posted 06 March 2012 - 07:29 AM

Did you send her on vacation before or after she left college to return to the base neighborhood? If before, I can only assume that she is stuck because she is in transition...and I suspect that young adults were never really meant to go on vacation while they're in college (even if they already graduated).

Did you try quitting the game and going back into it? Might that have reset things? Or have you tried (though I don't know if it's possible) moving her out of the vacation home in Three Lakes? I assume deleting the lot will also end up wiping out your Sim, so that option's out...maybe if you moved the lot a little that might reset it?

Otherwise, (and I've heard this is a risky thing to do) would you be able to reset the lot? Force an error or something?

Sorry I can't be of more assistance; perhaps someone else will have an idea.


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Posted 07 March 2012 - 01:09 AM

I think Starknight is correct, she is in transition. There are things that the game will let you do...and even encourage you do...like move occuppied lots into the lots bins (but you should NEVER do that!), get a graduated uni sim abducted by aliens, and go on vacation while at uni or after graduating before returning home, but that does not been you really should do it. TS2 has a lot of bugs (and TS3 does, as those players are finding out).
Now, let's see if I can help you...return to Three Lakes and see if there is a residential mailbox and trash can there or has it been replaced with a commerical phone booth and trash can. If it has been replaced, see if the zoning has been changed on the lot. If not, see if you can buy a mailbox or trash can (I can't remember if you can or not).
If everything is as it should be...then invite her over to someone's house, delete her, and then save. MAKE A COPY OF YOUR GAME FIRST and place it in documents,desktop,or a flash drive renamed as a copy or something else. If she had not moved back to her hood after graduated, then she should show up at the mailbox either of the Greek house. If not there, check back at both vacation spots, sims bin and such. She is somewhere. Now this is entirely up to you what you are willing to do.
I have family that, every time they have a baby and I play their friend's lot before the baby becomes a toddler, their baby will show up on the friend's lot as a visitor (I have lots of cc, but have not done any VBT's). The friend can interact with the baby. I delete the baby and it shows up back home as if it had never left.
Good luck! Please let us know what you decide to do and what happens. It is always a good idea to back up your game every once in a while or after some major story porgression has occured although it is a pain to do so. ;)

#4 ktpretzel

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Posted 07 March 2012 - 03:58 AM

I had a similar problem, but my game actually froze while my sim was on vacation and I had no option except to reboot my pc. Of course when I went back in the game, my sim was gone and couldn't be found. Couldn't play her home lot either (where her parents were living) because she was on vacation. I ended up using some hacks to summon her to another lot, along with her parents (using insiminator). Then using one of Ingrid's hacks, I was able to merge them into that family that I summoned them to and then move them out to another lot. I couldn't move them back to their original lot as it was completely bork'd by her disappearing. But at least I was able to get the family back together. Hope this helps.

#5 Marauder281

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Posted 07 March 2012 - 09:59 AM

Great info. Thanks everyone!

I knew about not deleting familys from the bin and not moving occupied lots into the bin, but no vacations while at Uni is a new one. BTW I also know ALL about TS3's glitches. That's why I use the game disc as a coaster for my coffee mug. :D It's actually good for something.

Unfortunately my recent "in transitition" grad has been on about 6 vacations so far. Each one has been buggy. I wasn't sure if it was normal EA bugginess or something different. I have no hack conflicts. My caches, etc are all cleared.

So far I have had; Crash to desktops, weird restaraunt experiances (other Sims walk past my table, grab my food and eat it), and lock-up/freezes which required re-boots. I also had the game slow down so badly that it looked like a slideshow. That occured when the Sim took a friend on vacation.

I noticed something weird at that spendy beach side hotel in Twikkii Islands tonight. (see attached pic). It's a flower vase and it's sitting on the absolute edge of the lot. You'd normally need the moveobjects on cheat to place it there. As near as I can tell, it's always been there. The only time I've seen this happen is on bugged lots. It can be deleted, but it always returns, sometimes floating in the air. I have no idea what it is or what it signifies, but it's always means big trouble. Any ideas?

I made a complete copy of my game before installing BV so I do have that to go back to. That game ran perfectly fine. There is little point to saving/ backing up a glitchy game.

Because of this, I got pretty brave with the Sim Blender and decided to see what it could do. I first asked the Sim over to friends house. When she showed up I made her selectable. This did not work so I made her a townie and then made her selectable again. This seemed to do the trick. Unfortunately she lost all her money. Thankfully she kept everything else (memories, friends, diploma, inventory).

For now though, I think it'd be best if I just declare the game to be corrupt and reinstall my old game and then install BV.

But seriously, no vacations while at Uni? No cheap camping trips? No weekends at the beach? No escape from the mascots and obnoxious cheerleaders? Ugh, what was EA thinking?!

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If an unreliable, difficult to maintain car, with 250,000 different seat covers was a video game, it would look like TS3.

#6 starknight75

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Posted 07 March 2012 - 10:22 AM

Having never taken my Sims to Twikkii Island yet, I haven't experience that vase sitting there. BTW, did you check to see if there were any patches for Bon Voyage? That might fix things, though it's hard to say.

As to being unable to take vacations while at college, had your Sim taken any vacations PRIOR to graduation? It might just be that she had finished her time in college and had not yet moved into the main neighborhood (though she was about to) and that screwed things up.

Hopefully your Sim will be able to recuperate and recover her finances.


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Posted 08 March 2012 - 02:09 AM

I got a good laugh at what you said about the TS3 disc. :) EA never claimed that they wanted to be the BEST, just the BIGGEST gaming company.
Your unis MIGHT be able to go on vacation before grad, but definitely not AFTER.The problem with EA's games are (nd not just confined to the Sims series from what I have been reading elsewhere) is that the intentions and creativity are there, just not the tech support. It's rush, rush, rush with them.
Well, anyway...about the patches...you might be able to access them via TS2's site without it crashing. The site has pretty much been down since December. It's a shame since so much of the problem solutions can be found in the forum archives. EA has pretty much turned their backs on us TS2 players. (Thankfully there are sites like this one). :D A former EA programmer that I know said EA was pretty peeved at us for not embracing TS3. Well, maybe more of us would have liked it if the characters didn't look like cheap cartoons.
About the vase...yeah...somes like something got corrupted. Of course, the vase problem may not show up in your pre-problem back up copy. If it doesn't then you know what caused it.
I have heard about the resturant thing before, too! B)
I am glad you had another copy of your game. I have a copy of my game that I use whenever I want to test something new with. No need to scarifice my sims! :D

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