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PC: "Export Failed"

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#1 azrael-il


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Posted 02 January 2013 - 06:06 PM


Just curious, i recently encountered a problem when trying to export either lots or sims (or worlds, but the worldmaker isnt in great shape these days from what i read).

I use CC quite heavily, download lots, insert them into my save game sand can spend hours trying mix and match with various CC i download, and for that reason i want to make an export of the modified lots and sims for backup purposes, as i had catastrophic crashes occur to the sims3 game from time to time.

So , for the problem, i click on share, to produce the export file, the game works a little bit and the shows the message "export failed". It does save a copy to the local library though, but doesnt manage to package it into a file for export, which i can put in a backup location.

Is this due to "bad" CC? Or is it any other underlying issues? With nearly 6000 sims3packages installed, its like kinda like trying to find a needle in a haystack to root out the bad files, if thats the reason. I googled around, and found other people that had the same problems now and then, going back to 2010, but never a working solution is posted to the problem, or a root cause identified.

Running all EP/SP's and have game patched to v1.42

Another interesting observation, is that the list of installed content is quite small in the launcher, considering the amount of objects i have installed, which are all showing in regular gaming mode (reinstalling them in 200mb chunks i learned the hard way after a major crash). The ebc and dbc files in DCCache are rather large though, which is ,from the description
i read on the nraas site, where the installed packages actually go.

The problem isn't catastrophic in its nature, as i frequently take backup of the entire sims3 folder, with cc, saved sims, saved games and everything, but it isnt exactly the most flexible way of handling things, and using the local library helps me move lots and sims between the various save games i have.

It would however, be better to be able to export the modified lots along with the cc used in seperate files, making restoration in case of sims3 file/db corruption that i wont notice and which would carry over into the backups, much much easier.

Any ideas would be much welcome :)

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#2 diranda


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Posted 12 January 2013 - 06:33 AM

Wow. Sounds like you have the same issue I have come up against.
I have just built my first building (Aperture Science Labs) and would like to share it with my friends in my Portal 2 RP group. I've made a point to document all the CC from TSR and elsewhere that I used in the construction so I could possibly also share it here. However, I can't seem to export the building to a sims3pack file. I keep getting the "Sharing Failed" error. I have taken punctuation out of the description of the object and changed the name, but nothing works.
I'd really like some help, I keep thinking it's some dumb noobie thing, but I've researched this and still can't seem to find any answers or help.


#3 rose-maman

    Adam's Girl

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Posted 15 January 2013 - 07:04 PM

Just thinking here...you are saying your DCCache folder is pretty heavy but, what about your DCBackup folder ?
A copy of everything you installed into your game also goes into that folder for exporting sims and lots.

The game seems to get infos about everything on your sim or lot to export, from that very same folder...so if like me, you empty the DCBackup folder after each install of new CC to make more space in your game files...that might be just the problem you are having.

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#4 sheridanhoughton


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Posted 16 January 2013 - 12:35 AM

If you want to export lots that contain CC, you will still need the files contained in the DCBackup folder. Otherwise, I don't believe that the exported lots will contain the CC.

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