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Unidentified ghost and resurrection

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#1 Eponine83

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Posted 11 March 2017 - 11:36 AM

I have a weird problem and can't seem to find any similar threads or solutions - unsurprisingly really, since hardly anyone seems to play TS1 any more.


With the household I'm playing at the moment, I used a hacked campfire which summons all ghosts in the neighbourhood at midnight, and the only one that appears is a little girl called Poppy. I have no memory of ever creating a Sim by that name, let alone killing her, and there are no tombstones in the whole neighbourhood (believe me, I've searched everywhere) so I can't think where she came from. I guess I must have created her once upon a time, but I don't know which lot she died on, since there are no stones. She only haunts Neighbourhood 3 (I've tested others) and I can't find any data files relating to her whatsoever. I've got SimEnhancer and there are no details of her in there either. 


Is there ANY way to resurrect ghosts? My ultimate aim is to resurrect little Poppy and have her join the household. I heard that by using Shed Your Skin or drinking the magic nectar, since Sims become ghosts for a while they can talk to other ghosts, but that doesn't happen - no interactions are possible. I've tried using a hacked crystal ball that says it can resurrect the dead, but it doesn't work and the site where I downloaded it from is no longer available. Does anyone know of any other hacked objects or any other way of bringing ghosts back to life? It's become a bit of a personal mystery and mission, so any suggestions would really be appreciated!



#2 paramiti

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Posted 23 March 2017 - 12:31 PM

OddSim site has a table which you can place an Urn of the dead sim and they will come to life thats what it says in the description ..i play sims 1 all the time for the past 12 years but never tried to Resurrect a sim in sims 1 nor used this table ..i love oddsim creations and rely on many of them so i bet this one is really great as they all are .. the link to the OddSim table is OddsimDOTcom and then go to "Surfaces for Sims 1" Objects/Surfaces its called "Resuscitative Table" the link to the file works and the file name is odd_resuscitator For info about the campfire figure out who created it and try to track them down many ppl who created for sims 1 are still around creating for other sims games or even still creating for 1 even though their original sims 1 sites are now vanished ..if you can track the person down you can ask them about their campfire

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