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Celestial Legacy Challenge

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Posted 08 May 2017 - 02:39 AM

The Celestial Legacy Challenge (or Zodiac Legacy Challenge) is based on the 12 Zodiac Signs with 12 generations with different challenges and expectations catered towards the unique personalities and traits of a zodiac sign. Inspired by Not So Berry. Thank you to @shyestsims (tumblr) for helping with this challenge!

If you do plan on doing this challenge on tumblr, tag it as #celestial legacy challenge!


Basic Rules

  • Each generation will receive a specific zodiac to base off of. Your heir must match the personality characteristics of that zodiac, you can choose the outfits, hairs, etc. anyway you wish
  • You must purchase a land 50x50 or if you have the max lot, the remaining funds you will have to create a house for your sim. You must have all the basic necessities for your heir to survive.
  • You will have goals set per generation for your heir to complete, some may be career others can be relationships, etc.  
  • If you fail to complete the generation tasks (i.e your heir dies), their son/daughter will replace them as the heir and you will start over. (example; My 2nd generation heir has 3 kids, but died in a fire and didn’t complete his aspiration. One of my kids will be chosen to be the heir, and will take over from the previous).
  • You can have more than one child, but only one can be the heir. Once the children turn into Young Adults they will be kicked out of the household.
  • Lifespan is normal and no money cheats.
  • Human, Non-human, berry colored, etc. sims are allowed! Be creative!

Generation One: Aries

As an Aries, you’re often bold and impulsive, with a drive for competitiveness. You enjoy physical activities because they’re an outlet for your natural aggression. You also don’t know how to be a follower, for you, the path of the leader it’s the only option. As a lover, you tend to be rather passionate and intense albeit a bit insensitive. Even though you’re a quick thinker, your impulsiveness could be your downfall and may lead you to make mistakes.

Traits: Hot Headed, Active and Flirty
Aspiration: Fabulously Wealthy
Career: Business or Athlete


  • They must have 3 romantic partners, whom they are actively dating but you are never allowed to marry.
  • The first time you are pregnant or get someone pregnant, you must terminate the pregnancy (1.500 simoleons).
  • In order to produce an heir, you must choose 1 partner out of the 3 as the co-parent and have a baby out of wedlock OR use the Risky Woohoo option in MC Command Center & the father/mother will remain unknown.
  • You must master the Fitness skill.
  • Make 5 enemies.

Generation Two: Taurus

Growing up with a single parent like an Aries, you grow up very headstrong and stubborn yet calm and alluring. You are typically not selfish and can sacrifice anything to help others in need. You are very determined and headstrong , sometimes incredibly stubborn. You have a well known reputation for being easy going and not one to pick a fight but should some poor souls attempt to provoke you they will experience the wrath.  You love materialistic possessions and decorations.

Traits: Ambitious, Jealous, Good
Aspiration: Freelance Botanist or Angling Ace
Career: Culinary


  • Master the Gardening and Angler Skill.
  • The first 3 Sims you interact with, will become your 3 best friends. One of those best friends will become your future spouse.
  • Have a nicely decorated home
  • You must marry your spouse, and try for a baby on the wedding night.
  • You must conceive twins! You can utilize cheats or gamble.

Generation Three: Gemini

You two harbor strong insecurities about love and require a great deal of reassurance. You are brimming with energy and vitality and clever with words. You are very intelligent and adaptable. Due to the loving nature of your parents, you developed a strong sense of family and rely on each other greatly. Gemini enjoy communicating and being the social butterfly. You fear routine and boredom yet you are not afraid to speak your mind.

Traits: Genius, Outgoing, Goofball
Aspiration: Renaissance Sim
Career: Secret Agent (one will become a Diamond Agent, the other a Villain).


  • Keep both twins in this household.
  • One of the Twins must complete their aspiration
  • Reach the final stage of their Career.
  • Choose one twin out of the two, you must become enemies with the other.
  • Your twin will be kicked out of the household once the relationship bar is full red.
  • Marry your neighbor and have 2 children.

Generation Four: Cancer

You are very loving and protective of loved ones. You are highly attracted to bold and/or successful people. You love to stay home and relax but don’t mind going out to a party once in awhile. You are financially independent and you seek secure and healthy relationships. You see your parent’s twin once in a while as a child, however your parent and sibling tend to fight around you creating a traumatic childhood causing you to develop a dark side.

Traits: Romantic, Evil, Self Assured.
Aspiration: Chief of Mischief
Career: Business [Doctor for those who have GTW]


  • Max Logic and Mischief Skill
  • Befriend, date, and marry the first sim you meet
  • Divorce them once you have the amount of desired children.
  • Once you turn into an elder start dating someone of similar age.

Generation Five: Leo

You are generous yet very self conscious, you try to be aware of how you look in front of others. You have an amazing creativity and sensitive on the inside. Your parent had a troubled past dragging you along with them, which caused you to become antisocial and shy, yet you crave to be more interactive and be in the limelight.

Traits: Creative, Loner, Perfectionist
Aspiration: Party Animal
Career: Entertainer.


  • Master the Comedy (or one instrument skill, if you chose to become a musician) and Charisma Skill
  • Move to a different house, away from your family drama. Start anew.
  • Throw 5 parties per age, (Teen, YA, Adult, Elder)
  • Make 1 horrible enemy in the new town, your families are now rivals (ex; Pancakes vs Caliente)

Generation Six: Virgo

You are practical and responsible and you tend to enjoy helping others. You can be over critical and has a hard time relaxing. You are smart and quick, with the brains and the looks you have it all. You are determined to defeat your family’s rivals and surpass their social status with fame and fortune.

Traits: Intelligent, Mean, Snob
Aspiration: Soul Mate
Career: Writer


  • You will focus on your job and only your job. You will have no friends and interact with no one.
  • Your goal is to gain promotions left to right.
  • Call your family’s enemy everyday and use your free time to bother them
  • Once you reach the adult stage, you realize you aren’t getting any younger and start to see one of the people from the rival family in a different light.
  • You end up falling for one of the members and intend to pursue them.
  • You quit your job and focus on pursuing love for that person.
  • You will have 3 children.

Generation Seven: Libra

You come from an uptight upbringing. Your parent drilled into you that things must always be neat and in balance. That, however, didn’t stop you from developing a social and fun-loving personality. When you were a kid, you were amazed by the fact your parent quit their careers to dedicate themselves fully to the person they loved and their family, and you know you wish to find someone and have a family as well, however, you’re not sure you could give up your career for it, so you know that when the time comes (and The One appears) you’ll have to reach a compromise.

Traits: Perfectionist, Outgoing, Noncommittal.
Aspiration: Renaissance sim.
Career: Switch between Astronaut, Detective (if you have GTW), Entertainer and Social Media (if you have CL).


  • Befriend and date two sims.
  • When you reach level two of your career, you must decide which sim you’ll marry.
  • When you reach level four of your career, you must chose between having a kid or switching careers.
  • If you chose to change careers, then when you reach level two (A/N: or four, I don’t know if two it’s too low) you must make the same choice (change to another career or have a kid).
  • If you chose to have a kid, you can continue on your current career up until the next two levels, then you have to chose again: switch careers or have a kid).
  • Become good friends with all your kids.
  • Whenever one of your kids age, throw the house out of the window and throw them a nice birthday party.

Generation Eight: Scorpio

Your parent was loving and understanding, when you were a kid, they were your best friend and he always made sure you dressed the best and had the best, that’s why now you expect nothing but the best in life. You believe yourself to be quite alluring and confident which is why you have no problem devoting your attentions to several someones. One day you’ll settle down, yes, but that’s not your priority, you wish to live your life to the fullest.

Traits: Romantic, Jealous, Genius
Aspiration: Serial Romantic
Career: Criminal


  • Date as many sims as you can.
  • Wreck 3 Marriages
  • The last sim they’ll meet/be with will be their life-long partner.
  • Put off having a kid until you’re halfway through adulthood.
  • Retire only when you reach level 10 of your career.

Generation Nine: Sagittarius

Growing up, your parent didn’t shower you with lots of praise, you know they loved you, but they showed it very rarely. When they were young, your parents experienced many “questionable” things, so they were extra strict with you to make sure you didn’t commit their mistakes and chose your own path. As the ultimate wild child, you want to be free, do your own thing and experience as many new things as you can in the process.

Traits: Cheerful, Loves Outdoors, Hot-headed.
Aspiration: The Curator (City Native if you have CL or Outdoor Native if you have OR).
Career: None


  • Their income must come only from selling collectibles like plants, fish, gems, fossils or frogs.
  • Must get to level two/three of all existing skills.
  • Can only have children after reaching level two/three of all skills.
  • Collect all fish and create a room in your house for them.
  • Keep a maintained garden

Generation Ten: Capricorn

Ambitious and organized, you always wondered how you came out to be so serious and discipline having been raised by a parent that was a free spirit and let you have your space and do your own thing. If there is one thing you do have in common with your parent it’s that they told you to be persistent in getting your goals and that’s a lesson that you have never forgotten. To you, your goals matter more than anything of anyone.

Traits: Ambitious, Loner, Neat
Aspiration: Fabulously Wealthy
Career: Tech Guru


  • They must have children only after they reach the top of their career.
  • Master programming skills and develop malwares and hacks daily.
  • Adopt 1 child
  • Marry an evil sim

Generation Eleven: Aquarius

Your parents were a somewhat balanced couple that taught you there is always two sides to a story, however your grandparents taught you the value of life and spiritual freedom. As an Aquarius you are communicative, you need time to get close to people. Intellectual stimulation is by far the greatest aphrodisiac. There’s nothing that can attract you more than an interesting conversation with a person. You like to be alone yet you are a social butterfly and can balance both sides of the spectrum. You are verbally skilled, witty, and you like to observe and learn others.

Traits: Ambitious, Genius, Insane
Aspiration: Nerd Brain
Career: Astronaut


  • Complete your Aspiration
  • Max Rocket Science skill
  • Have 10 Good Friends
  • Marry a childhood friend
  • Divorce and re-marry a Genius sim as an adult

Generation Twelves: Pisces

You were raised in a proper household with rules and developed a close relationship with your parents. This created a memorable childhood for you, giving you the opportunity to be an idealist. You are very creative and artistic bringing out the emotional and sensitive side out of you. However, this can cause you to become manipulative and prone to terrible addictions.

Traits: Bookworm, Art Lover, Romantic
Aspiration: Best Selling Author
Career: Painter


  • Complete your aspiration
  • Max Handiness and Cooking Skills
  • Marry any sim
  • Have a rich lover (whether it’s a Landgraab/Goth/etc. descendant)
  • Once you have a family, it’s time to move worlds and start new.

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Posted 08 August 2017 - 04:20 PM

Dang, this is a very well thought out challenge.  Cheers to you this one will be challenging LOL 

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