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Missing Texture


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#1 Xecsos


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Posted 09 July 2017 - 10:24 PM

I recently added some CC to my game and am experiencing difficulties. I have a general understanding of how to install the packages and what not from a few hours of messing around with it.


Anyway, most things are working fine but when I put down these counters and islands they just black out. I tried deleting them and putting them back, changing the colors of them with the in game tool but nothing seems to work.






In the first picture it shows me holding the island, which at the time has the correct texture, and the chain of islands with the broken textures. It also shows the regular counters which also have broken textures but only after I put down a corner piece. After the corner piece all other counters connected to that chain will have broken textures.


In the second picture it shows me connecting the island to the already existing chain of islands. Doing so breaks the texture of the island that used to perfectly fine.



All of my CC are merged together (I have the unmerged files as well) using S3PE. I didn't change any of the settings, just followed the tutorial I watched a few hours ago.


I also have a backup of the original game data so if needed I can start off with a clean slate.


Thanks in advance for any help at all.

#2 sim_man123


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Posted 10 July 2017 - 03:24 PM

I would never merge your downloads together - when something like this happens and you have an item break, surprise, now you can't remove it.


Do you have the entire set of those counters? Counters can get weird with how they link together, and it may show up black if it can't find the references to the textures it needs. (Could potentially be another side affect of merging all of the files into one.) From my time as an artist for TS3, I would suggest you installing downloaded content exactly how you recieve it. If it's sims3pack, install it as sims3pack. If it's package, install it as package. Let the game handle the converting and merging of files on it's own terms. 

I would suggest removing the counter from the game in whatever way you can (you'll have to remove your merged files, and re-merge them without the counters if you want to keep them merged) and install the counters however you downloaded them and see if they work. From the creators side, I know that counters are extremely picky and will break if you even look at them wrong. I assume they are the same from the downloaders side. Obviously the original artist didn't have any problems with the counter, or they wouldn't have shared it - or in this case, even have been able to take pictures of it, which leads me to believe that it is something with your game/CC configuration that is causing the issue.  :)

#3 Xecsos


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Posted 10 July 2017 - 05:06 PM

The only reason I merged them was because I saw somewhere that having too many CC files could lag your game and my game has already had it's fair share of lag so I didn't want to worsen that. Also I didn't merge every single file, just the ones with the set. All of the files I got came in a set download (I purposefully got them that way) and came as Sims3Pack files but I extracted them with that Multi Installer thing by Delphy and made them into package files so I could merge them. I don't know if that had anything to do with it.


Anyway I'll try removing the counters from the merge file and just installing them through the Sims3Pack file way.


Thanks for the input amigo  :)

#4 Xecsos


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Posted 10 July 2017 - 05:39 PM



I unmerged the set and took out the counters and remerged everything but the counters. I put the counters into the game by just installing them the way a Sims3Pack is supposed to be installed and it seems to have worked... for now. If anything arises I'll be sure to post for help again.

#5 sim_man123


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Posted 11 July 2017 - 05:07 AM

Yes, it is true that having a ton of individual package files in your game can cause lag. However, when you download and install a sims3pack file - the Launcher does exactly the same thing you do. It extracts the data out of the sims3pack file and merges all of the content into a small handful of .package files.  (Typically 2-4, depending on how much content you have.) This is why people thought, "hey, let's skip the slow, irritating launcher and just convert and merge everything ourselves!" - which in theory is great, since it's what the game is going to do anyway, but there is something about the method that doesn't always work. I find that things break often enough that it's almost more of a hassle to deal with merged CC than it is to deal with the launcher. (And on the plus side, at least the launcher keeps an index so you can remove just one specific item if needed!)

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