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TSR Forum Charter

Notable Change: The forum rules have been changed to reflect the relaxing of the external links rule from some time ago. Links to sites like YouTube and other external Social Network sites are allowed, but only when linking to Sims game specific content which is relevant to your post. Other links will be removed and abuse is likely to lead to probation or banning. All other rules of these forums including the Age-Appropriateness Policy, illegal content and abusive language, as outlined in the rules below, remain relevent to those links.


1) Respect for Fellow Forumers


All members of this Forum will respect the opinions and presence of other members of the Forum. You are welcome to engage in challenging and spirited debate with other users, but rudeness will not be tolerated. Name-calling, disrespecting other users or throwing personal insults against them will not be tolerated, either from an instigator -OR- from anyone who feels like they should respond to such instigation. Flaming another user because of their spelling or word choice will not be tolerated, either. Personal attacks of ANY kind are not allowed and users who violate this will be placed on probation and may be banned. If you have an issue with another user, contact a moderator or administrator.


Sending out un-solicited Private Messages (PM) for your own self-promotion can be considered harassment. Users are asked to forward any such PMs to a moderator.


We are privileged to have an international community. For that reason, debates about religion, political affiliations and sexual orientation are strongly discouraged. We expect our forumers to be tolerant and embrace the differences, rather than challenge them.


Flaming new members for their ignorance on proper posting procedures, their grammar or spelling issues, or the content of their messages is expressly forbidden. You are welcome to debate and question them, but not to attack them for being new and unsure of our rules.


2) Respect for the Forum


Spamming (purposely posting messages designed solely to alarm other users) will not be tolerated. The staff -- not the users -- will determine if someone is spamming. Bumping threads is also considered spamming. Any posts that do not contribute to the topic of the thread, such as "oh, this never happened to me," or "good luck finding help" are also spam.


With the exception of a few forums, do not resurrect threads that are more than two weeks old. We have very fast moving forums and quite often the information about the original topic is obsolete. Feel free to quote an old thread to refer to any conversation you wish to continue. PM a moderator should you need assistance.


All of our forums are designated for specific topics. Please keep that in mind when creating threads to make sure you are in the right place. Each forum description provides a guideline for content, with further details in "stickied" threads. Purposely avoiding the moderation queue in restricted forums will warrant a warning PM and may result in probation/ban. Feel free to PM a moderator with any questions about where you should be posting something.


3) Respect for TSR Staff


The TSR Forums is a privately-owned and operated discussion fan website and community under the authority of its Administrators, and run with the aid of additional Moderators who act on the Forum Administrator’s authority. At all times members of this Forum will follow the instructions of these moderators and administrators. Questioning their actions or motivations in public messages is not welcome. Instead, should you have an issue with the way a staff member is behaving or disagree with their judgment, you are asked to please contact the Forum Administrator via email or private message to express your concerns. Please do not take matters into your own hands. Our staff is entirely volunteer, and deserves the freedom to be able to do their volunteer jobs.


Also, while we grant our users the utmost discretion and freedom, there is no guaranteed right of free speech (or right toward anything else, for that matter) in this community, and we make no guarantees at all about its operation, its moderation or its policies; the Forum is operated solely at the leisure of the Forum administrators, in their free time, and no user is guaranteed the right to be here as a participant. We reserve the right to terminate any user's membership for any reason at any time.


Members are also asked NOT to take moderation into their own hands by picking on other users; there is a "report post" button and our members are welcome to click it and let us know there is an issue so that we, the staff, may take care of it. (Vigilante moderation is not permitted by our users.) Additionally, our members will practice common courtesy in dealing with the staff, other users and the administrators of this Forum.


4) Probation and Banning Policy


If you get placed on probation it means that you have broken one of our rules.


You will be able to view the forums and send PMs. Your status on the forums does not affect your account, or access to the TSR site. You will be contacted by a moderator, or admin, who will tell you what the offense was and the terms and duration of your probation.


Your situation will be reviewed and you will be removed from probation, or banned. Repeated probation will result in a permanent ban.


Probations and bans are not discussed in public forums or on our chat network. All communication regarding any infraction will be done privately.


TSR reserves the right to deny access without prior notification.


5) Formatting in Forum Posts


Please use the bold, italics and color options for your text for emphasis only. We are constantly getting reports that people are using bright pink, lime green and light purple, etc., for their entire posts. Those posts are very hard to read, and downright annoying.


All posts full of color will be edited. Repeated use will result in a PM from a friendly mod. Continued abuse will spoil it for everyone if we have to disable the code.


When creating a thread please be as descriptive as possible. The information in your thread may be eventually searched for. Any thread titles with HELP ME!!!!! or LOOK HERE!!! will be edited appropriately.


6) Language Policy


These forums are used by many young people and it is our duty to protect them from profanity. If that means banning users who fail to obey the rules, then so be it. Regardless of how long you have been on these forums or how many posts you have.


This includes the creative use of *** and @%#*$. If it is obvious that you are cursing you may be banned.


This also applies to "quoting" someone's post that has profanity in it.


We are also members of an international community here. Please keep in mind that while English is the first language on these forums, it is not everyone's native tongue. To avoid confusion please use complete words when posting. Continued use of certain slang, such as wot, ur, wuz, bcos, etc. are very difficult for many people to translate, and are confusing.


Additionally, please avoid using l337 speak and aLtErNaTiNg letters. They're annoying.


7) Warez, Piracy and Cracks


This site and forums do not support warez, or illegal copies, or no-cd cracks. No one on these forums should give anyone a serial number. Threads with questions about illegal software can expect to be closed or moved, and subject to user probation.


8) Age-Appropriateness Policy (Adult Site Policy)


The Sims Resource has many responsibilities to its audience. TSR is a community site, suitable for the same age range of gamers that The Sims caters for. The official rating for The Sims is PG13, and The Sims Resource bases its own standards on that same rating.


Additionally, we do not promote, discuss or advertise content that is not PG13. Any discussions regarding content that TSR deems inappropriate will be moderated.


Those are our standards for our own site. We don’t dictate to other webmasters that they should do the same, and it is not our job to police other Sims sites. We control our own content and we do it within our own tight regulations.


For this reason, we do not allow direct links, or urls from our forums to websites or pages with adult content. Sure, kids can go and find adult content for themselves and we cannot stop them, but we will not be responsible for directly linking them to such content. We have a strict policy about the type of content we place in our own databases, and we expect the same of any site that is promoted through TSR and its forums. If you want to use TSR as a platform to promote a site that’s fine, we are happy to oblige. But you must understand that sites must meet our same high standards in protecting children from adult related content.


We want parents to feel safe in allowing their children as young as 13 to use The Sims Resource safely with peace of mind.


We would suggest that any site having adult content makes it very clear on the home page which they link to that the site does contain adult content, and that precautions should be in place to prevent kids surfing upon that content. Control on content is the responsibility of the webmaster, not TSR. If TSR feels that content is not controlled, then the site will not be promoted to a family audience.


The game was intended for kids as young as 13 to play safely. That is the way The Sims was intended to be played. If your content fits within those guidelines, "or is otherwise controlled," then TSR has no problem in allowing you to promote your site within our forums. This policy also applies to the linking and discussion of mods, hacks or custom content that force age-inappropriate gameplay.


Links, or urls to sites or discussions of mods/hacks or custom content considered "adult" will be edited and/or deleted. Repeated violation of this policy will result in a PM warning, probation, then permanent ban.


There is always going to be a grey area in this kind of debate. We exercise common sense when making decisions about content, and we ask that you do the same. We are not victimizing any particular site because of their sexual orientation, we are looking at this purely as an “adult or not” argument.


If you have a question about this topic, or you would like advice on what you could do to a site to make it more ‘family friendly’ then we will gladly offer some limited advice and support. Call in to the chat room or email us.


9) Signature Policy


We are very fortunate to have busy forums and have found that large signature pictures slow down threads dramatically for our modem users.


Our policy limits signatures to FIVE lines with text and smilies ONLY. This includes line spaces. Certain buttons and graphics are allowed on a case by case basis.


All content in signatures is subjected to our Age-appropriateness policy, as well as restrictions on political and religious messages. TSR reserves the right to review and edit signatures as necessary.

10) Personal Information Policy


In the interest of the privacy and safety of our users we do not allow personal information on our forums. The information you may provide is limited to your first name, and the general area you live, narrowed down to neighborhood. Do not mention the name of your school, activities, school teams or any exact locations where you work or live. Email addresses, and Instant Message screen names are strictly prohibited. Please use our Private Message (PM) system.


11) Non-sim Blog Policy


Subject to our Adult Site Policy, only sim-related blogs will be allowed. Any non-sim links must be reviewed by TSR before linking, and a decision will be made accordingly.


We also encourage you to use the screenshot area in your TSR profile to display pictures, or as forum attachments here. Any "photo album" sites are subject to editing.

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